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Top 8 Essential Features of Personal Finance Apps Like Mint by Maruti Techlabs Geek Culture

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Try to find the right balance in your UI/UX of including the maximum necessary features on the dashboard and not overloading it. You need to walk your users’ shoes for the purpose and think the way they think. It’s reasonable to provide your audience with a short and fun learning curve, some kind of onboarding tips, and remember about the golden “three taps” rule. Any problem should be possible to be solved in 3 taps or even less. Thus, we advise creating UI/UX with all the users’ pain points and needs to be considered. To get to know your target audience and their behaviors, there are specific questions you can ask.

We used Plaid as the principal element of integration with bank services. When building a finance app, you can’t do without the integration of a 3rd-party solution for users to manage their bank accounts. The integration with Plaid has become one of the key points of our AI financial management product. This technological platform connects the application with bank accounts. Users can receive information from accounts and make payments without ceasing the use of the family finance app. Another notable trend is how traditional banks are trying to compete in the personal finance management areas by adding budgeting options into their mobile apps.

How to Make a Personal Finance App

Due to this, we are always confident that the development team and the client share the project goals and have a common vision of the result. You can be more focused on the project’s marketing and finances because we will shoulder all the technical issues. AI financial advisor app development for a family has its own game rules.

Regulatory practices have significant differences across regions. Therefore, the issue of regulatory compliance is one of the challenges for a startup founder. For example, the US does not yet have a unified regulatory system for automated systems in the financial sector at the federal level.

Step 10. Test your app

Some of the best database solutions are ArangoDB, MongoDB, Kibana, and Cassandra. Once you’re determined to build your own application, you will be looking into custom software development solutions — hiring your own team, working with freelancers, or an agency. The best choice How to Show Remote Work Experience on Your Resume depends on your technical literacy and fintech experience. Make sure to verify industry experience and customer reviews when choosing your software partner. Navigating a personal budget is a complex undertaking, and mobile apps make it much easier and more time-efficient.

What are 5 personal finance strategies?

Smart personal finance involves developing strategies that include budgeting, creating an emergency fund, paying off debt, using credit cards wisely, saving for retirement, and much more. Being disciplined is important, but it's also good to know when you shouldn't adhere to the guidelines.

Those who are on the red will find it really useful to automatically calculate the payoff. Some of the most popular access methods include pin, fingerprint, and SMS authentication. Once an idea has been generated, the next step is to undertake some thorough research of competition. It’s important to note that the goal of this research is not to copy competitors but rather to find out what they are doing well and what can be improved upon. A single screen containing all the key information required for user verification and conducting transactions. It’s also undesirable to use closed-source cryptographic libraries because such solutions don’t allow checking their reliability and efficiency.

Improving customers’ financial literacy

And then, the app reports that current global and regional trends show that the recession will affect the company’s large clients. They will inevitably cut costs and possibly even freeze purchases. In this situation, it is better to diversify the order book, finding new customers from regions and industries that will be less affected by the downturn. Therefore, it is likely better not to touch the marketing budget, but here is the proposed list of expenditure items for cutting. Now, seeing our client’s idea implemented, you are one step closer to creating your own budget app. Let’s look at how to make a budget app in a real-world example.

how to build a personal finance app